Registration Form 2020 Whitefish, Montana

SUN Meeting

August 2-5th, 2020 

SUN Abstract Deadline                           April - June 30th, 2020

Exhibitors Application Deadline               July 1st, 2020

SUN Early Registration Deadline              June 30, 2020  

SUN Meeting Whitefish, Montana            August 2-5th, 2020

Registration Cost:

Member Fee- $900.00

Non Member Physician- $900.00

Family Member Guest $100.00 (each family member over 5 years old)

Please remember to pay your annual dues!

*For all participants how would like to book the transfer please provide us with the following details in order to arrange theirs transfer and email to Vesna Blazevic at

  •  date  

  • time of arrival  

  • flight number

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